Summer is a time for rejuvenation. Mother Earth comes alive and soaks up the warm sunlight, drinking up the healing rays and allowing the plants and animal life to flourish.

We, as human beings, kind of get stuck in the rat race. Sometimes, we don’t even notice the seasons changing. It’s a pity. We deserve to slow down and recharge. We deserve to enjoy all the Earth has to offer and flourish beside her. We deserve a break!

That’s why a self care package is such a treat. It is like opening up a present just for YOU (Christmas in July anyone?) and all the contents within CATER to YOU and your needs. It’s about living a healthy, happy, care-free-kind-of life, and WE DESERVE THAT.

And, in your own way, I can hear so many of you saying right now, No. I do not deserve to be happy. I don’t take care of myself. I’m a mess. I’m overwhelmed. Too stressed to take a break. And no time! I have to get it ALL done. I’m just not worthy enough. This isn’t for me. I have to do better. etc…

Stop. How is that serving you? Is that thought process helping you get it all done? Is it helping you be happier? Is it helping you enjoy life? Time to let the negativity go. Time to treat yourself to something that inspires you and lights your soul on fire. Because you DO matter, you ARE worthy, and your life is a BLESSING.


The Summer Self Care Package is the first of many seasonal gift boxes I’ll be sending out to many of the people who are part of my community on Facebook. It’s a group meant for empowering each other, growing spiritually, sacred discussions, spiritual learning, and growing with one another. It’s a space I create this year to connect with others who are yearning for a deeper, more fulfilling life. We’re all in this together and it’s time we build each other up instead of knocking each other down!

By purchasing this package, you automatically get access to the group for the season (3 months). Membership is normally $8 per month. I’ve also included an option to enjoy 1 Reiki session per month for the season as well. This is a distance healing that can be done at any time and sent to you, bringing you a more relaxed energy, balance, focus, and stress relief.

The photo below indicates some of the various items that may be included in your package. Please know that these are not generic, pre-made gift boxes. I handpick the items and messages for each individual that purchases. I get so much joy out of this process, knowing that the energy within is just right for the beautifully unique person that opens it up!

So won’t you join me? You’ve got nothing to lose (oh, except negativity, self loathing, anger, anxiety, etc…) but AMAZING things to gain, mountains to climb, fears to face…. It’s going to be epic 😉

Summer Self Care Package

Summer Self Care Package