What is a Card Reading?

Card readings are quite simply one form of connecting with Spirit, gaining insights from angels, spiritual guides, or even relatives who have passed on. My readings typically center around your life’s journey: where you are on your path, where you’ve been, and where you are going. I am not a medium/psychic and I cannot and will not predict your future. But if there is a question you are seeking answers or guidance on, or if you are just looking for general insight about your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, a card reading can be a powerful tool. It can bring clarity to a situation or person, encouragement, direction, a new perspective, help you remove blocks, assist you with making a decision, etc…


How Does it Work?

It’s important to understand that it is not me who is directing the reading… it is Spirit. When I pull each card, I am guided by sensations, warmth, feelings, images; and that is how I read the card to you once it is revealed. Whether you are aware of them or not, there are Divine energies that surround us all the time. Angels, guides, and past loved ones are here to help us through life and they often send us many messages to help us along the way. Sometimes, we do not hear/see the messages because we are not paying attention to them or looking for them, and that is why a card reading can tell so much — because they have finally found a conduit to deliver that message. What they feel is most important for you to know is what will come through the cards, and the cards that are picked for you can never be wrong — it is always meant to be.


Receive a Reading

I live to serve others, so I offer an option to choose your own price! I will pull one or multiple cards based on your budget. Fill out this form with what you are seeking guidance on and how much you’d like to pay, and I will customize a reading to suit your needs.

Past, Present, Future (pictured below)  $75
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This is an in-depth reading featuring multiple decks, revealing many layers of wisdom hidden in your past, present, and future self/life. If you are wondering what moves to make, where your life is headed, or how a decision you faced in the past or are currently dealing with now will affect your future. Make peace with your past so you can release and heal in the present, and move towards a brighter future.



Kelsey Overall
“Just had an amazing “past, present and future” card reading experience with Amanda. She brought up stuff about me she couldn’t have possibly known. It was so perceptive, intimate and soul deep…absolutely moving. Highly recommended.”


Joyce Klassen
“Lovely card reading session tonight, very positive and uplifting. And very applicable to where I am in my life now. Thank you!”

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