Hello there soul sista,

I’m Amanda 🙂


I’m a 28 year old momma, wifey, tree hugging mess. Yes, I’m a mess haha. I say that with the utmost respect to myself because it is in the messes where we learn the most about our true selves! In the mess, we discover magical things and grow into our truth. I am on this slow and steady journey of doing exactly that.

I am an Aquarius. An air sign. Personality wise, I am space and flow. When I am on point and owning my truth, life flows gently like a soft breeze and I am at peace, carefree. When I am off balance and out of sorts, I’m spacey. My head is in the clouds. Bonifide Space Cadet! I’ll be indecisive and/or lethargic. I can be both balanced and unbalanced on any given day of the week.

Therefore, I am a Jane of Many Trades (you didn’t think I could pick just one creative outlet did you?) I love to dance, swim, draw, color, write, read, heal, listen…

I’m an Usui Reiki Master who is looking for some ladies to practice on from a distance (is that you?)

I’ve created a coloring book full of uplifting images and positive affirmations. I plan on creating another one focused on positive body image.

I enjoy connecting with crystals, writing poetry, listening to music, burning sage and watching sci-fy, comedies and kung fu.

I enjoy giving guidance and insight through Angel and Oracle Card Readings. I am a wellness coach, helping beautiful ladies like yourself heal from the inside out –your body, mind, and soul/spirit. True health is the mastery of all three elements of yourself. I am on this journey too, and am encouraging others to join me for the ride. I am just beginning, but I am fully committed to baring myself, opening up and freeing the ties that have held me down for so long (lack, low self esteem, no confidence, fear of missing out, humility, judgement, etc…), and I’m ready to share AMANDA with the world.

My hope is that by doing so, I will inspire others to do the same. And just like one drop of water, as many follow me down this road, together we become a river. A river of hope for Mother Earth and Humanity. Namaste.