When those who are not familiar with it, think of meditation, they often think of sitting atop a rock in lotus position, chanting om over and over again with eyes closed. Or they see it as something that you must sit in for a long period of time, very uncomfortably, and attempt the most difficult task ever: turning off all of your thoughts, staying still and silent.

That’s really not the case at all. Meditation is a form of observing, listening, watching, and waiting. It’s not about “doing” anything really. It’s best performed when quiet and still, yes, but there are many ways to achieve this, and most do not involve chanting or sitting on top of rocks (but that is a lot of fun fyi).

I want to share with you five fun ways to add meditation into your life. Only one involves stillness and silence:

1. Coloring.

Coloring is a great way to not only to be creative and carefree, but it focuses your mind on a simple, soothing task, creating an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing. Naturally, your mind eases and you can let go of worries and thoughts that do not serve you at that moment. Even better is to color pages where the words and images are inspiring or healing. I created a coloring book for this very reason. It’s therapeutic and a great form of meditation. You can check it out here.


2. Walking in Nature.

You do not have to sit still in order to meditate. It is a beautiful way to connect with the Earth by simply walking leisurely, taking some deep breaths as you go, and quietly observing the magical world we live in. Stay away from high traffic areas and find a path in the woods to hike, or a trail down by a river or pond, and listen to waters, the animal noises, the crinkling of the dry earth beneath your feet. Take in the scenery and scents of plant life and fresh air. Really breathe it in and feel a part of it all. There’s no need to rush anything and there’s no destination in mind. Just simply walk to walk.


3. Dancing.

Now to dance in nature, that’s a double whammy 😉 But dancing, anywhere, can ignite your soul within and bring out your inner joy, a sense of freedom and ability to let go. Put on some music and let it move you. Listen to the lyrics, close your eyes and sway. Move with the beats, allowing your body to move in whatever way it feels best. No need to follow a routine or do it a certain “way.” Simply allow your body to move freely to the music. Breathe, and feel the air move around you as you twirl or sway. Feel the music. Let go and release your worries with the flicks of your wrists or the kicks of your feet. Push the energy away with your hands and you dance. Feel the lightness fill you up. Let it carry you.


4. Exercise.

Running and yoga are the biggest forms of movement meditation besides dance. There is something about working your physical body out that opens up your spiritually body as well. It is a natural high, and it is something that frees your mind from the stress you feel when you’re not moving. It brings your mind to a center, and you become more aware of your body and the movements taking place. Get lost in this ecstasy when you exercise. You can even let go of the reasons you are exercising for (to stay healthy, to lose weight, to get stronger, etc…) and just enjoy the sensation of movement and the freeing spirit that comes along as you continue


4. Going to Sleep.

While it may seem odd, I do my best meditation and fall asleep the easiest when I meditate right before going to sleep. I do my normal routine like usual, but instead of just turning out the light and laying there trying to shut off my thoughts so I can go to sleep (like, yes, it’s 11 p.m. and you’re finally thinking of a good blog post? Nope. Go to sleep!), I pop in my earbuds and put some music on. I like this and this, and they play for the entire night which is neat. And instead of trying to sleep, which always ends up taking at least a solid half hour of me trying to shut my mind off and relax, I instead turn my attempt into meditation. I allow myself to relax comfortably on my back, and I let my body really be held up by the bed, relaxing my arms, legs, head, and full body into the bed. And then I just start to pay attention to my breath. I don’t try to change it or breathe faster or slower, longer or deeper, I simply start to focus my awareness towards it.


This is all I do, and suddenly, I am much more ready for sleep than I was when i just tried to lay there and do nothing. I generally just meditate like that until I fall asleep, and I wake up hours later with my earbuds still in, wondering how I fell into such a deep rest. It is amazing.


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<3 Amanda