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Holy wow. Where did the year go? I’m seriously sitting down to write like 10 months since my last post on here… So much has happened. Let me give you the short version:

  • My daughter turned two! Last fall… and now she’s 2-1/2 and I feel like tomorrow she’ll be three. Time just flies by 20x faster after you have children. The world and our lives are magical like that.
  • I joined a spiritual coaching community to get further guidance on working with my spiritual energy and accessing my inner self. I’ve learned so much in the last three months, and there is an amazing shift happening in my life because of the actions I’ve taken from this new knowledge (or rather, opening up to the knowledge that was already there. More on that later I promise!)
  • I drew a coloring book. I started it in November, and now it is April and it’s published and hitting the online market soon! I am just bursting with awe at myself and my growth!


The thought to draw a whole book wasn’t even a passing thought when I first started. The sole reason I wanted to draw was because I was longing for a way to create a quiet, meditative space for myself to heal. Our bodies are great at self-healing. When you cut or bruise yourself, you don’t have to do anything but give the wound space to heal. So, doesn’t it make sense that our emotions and mental states can also be healed by giving the wounds space to heal? Meditation is that space.

Quiet time from electronics, bills, people, responsibilities, to-do lists, chores, planning, preparing, etc… time for yourself to do absolutely nothing but be. Be. Be still. Be quiet. Let go. Release.


But let’s face it. If you’ve never meditated or haven’t practiced very much/often, sitting still for a prolonged period of time can be… well… boring.

or difficult. We feel so rushed in our day to day lives it feels unproductive to sit still. Or too many thoughts enter our minds at once and we don’t want to deal with them. I’ve been trying to practice meditation for a few years now, and I am a second-guesser. I can’t allow myself to sit still in this practice because I feel like I’m either trying too hard or not paying attention. I get caught up on sitting still. I get caught up on breathing. I get caught up on trying to listen to the silence. And then I second guess myself and lose focus and I say forget it.

Or I start thinking about all of the things I haven’t yet accomplished, how I’m going to try and accomplish them, and maybe that’s more important than just sitting still…. Guess what? They are NOT more important!


So that lead me to drawing. I have always loved art, especially drawing… doodling really. And so, instead of just sitting quietly still, I decided I would draw, doodle, write. I began to draw the first page, flowers and a ballerina. I wrote the word “meditate” across the tutu on the ballerina, because dancing is a different form of meditation… my movement meditation. And I drew and scribbled other things… flowers that grew to the top of the page, the statements “I see the positive in all things” and “I Am Enough,” “I Radiate Joy.”IMG_20151121_221307

That was true meditation for me. And then it dawned on me. Not only is drawing these pages a form of meditation, but so is coloring them!

It was like the idea came from the sky, popped from the vast universe by my guides and delivered to me:  “Make a coloring book filled with healing designs and words and share it with the world.”

It brought me so much joy for the next several months. I would just start to draw and the right words would come to me. Or, I had a special phrase picked out that I wanted to share and the doodles around the words would transform into exactly what was needed to give those words even more power. It flowed out like true, light energy.


I have changed since I started the book. The coaching group I joined didn’t occur until I was already into the middle of the book. It was just another stepping stone in my transformation. I’m still in the midst of that shift, and I’m loving the person I am becoming. It feels more on the path that my life’s journey was meant to take me. It feels magical.


So, next Saturday, April 9th, I’m hosting a fun virtual book launch party on Facebook! I’ll be sharing a free page from the book so that everyone can download it and print it and we can all color together! I’m also going to be giving out a free card reading to everyone who attends, plus signed copies of the book and a few other prizes. I’m so excited. The feedback I’ve already gotten – from a few people who’ve had a chance to preview the book – has been amazing. I’m so honored for everyone who shares part of this journey with me. I have jumped outside my comfort zone like I never have before, and the support has been stellar.

((((((((Click here to join the party and win some prizes!)))))))))

I poured my heart, soul, and healing energy into this book. I want it to help people. Even if it is just an activity you do on a rainy day or to wind down from a stressful day, I hope it calms your mind and brings you happiness. But I also hope, if you need it to, that it will connect with you on a deeper level and bring peace and healing energy into your life <3IMG_20151120_204441


  1. I have a very hard time sitting still. You are amazing.

    • Thanks Darlene! I think coloring is a great option for getting in some much needed quiet space if you have a hard time sitting still. I hope to see you at the launch party! 🙂

  2. Coloring helps me to calm my anxiety and it takes my mind off of my constant daily pain. Thank you for your giveaway, it’s hard to get out an buy books when you can hardly walk…..

    • Thanks for your feedback! It definitely helps with anxiety and mental pain/stress. If it is physical pain that also ails you, I have a great spice blend that I’m hooked on that helps with arthritis, fibromyalgia and inflammation. If you like drinking chai tea, this would be right up your alley. Let me know and I will see if I can find the link to it online. I buy it at a local health foods store, but I believe there is a website where you can order it too.

      Be sure you’re part of the launch party on facebook so you can get the free coloring page and a free card reading as well 🙂

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