2017 is the Year of Transformation… can’t you feel it?

So many people were so fed up with 2016 that they are now finally ready for a change. And change starts within, right? It starts with ourselves. Are you ready to remember who you are? To remember what it’s like to be the divine goddess you are? No more power struggles, unworthiness, bitterness, sorrow. Release yourself from the lower vibrations, and expand into the transformative light that this year offers us.


You don’t have to have your life figured out. You don’t have to be everything to everybody. You don’t have to waste your life away buried in bills, stress, stuffy obligations, feeling bogged down and overwhelmed all the time. There is an escape from that reality! I want to create a new one with you.


Together we will:
Discover how to live a fulfilled life on YOUR terms.
Teach you to own your choices and reprogram negative self talk.
Release and heal old wounds that are stagnant in your energy field.
Create self care tools you can utilize in your own unique environment
Help you identify the roots of your anxieties, fears, discords, etc… and unleash your goddess potential, taking your power back. You ARE in control.

The Deets

This is a 12 week spiritual coaching program that I will run in a private facebook group, starts April 4th

It will be limited to 24 members only, to allow me to give everyone the best experience possible.
You’ll receive a self healing kit that includes a chakra stone set, sage with shell, journal, affirmation cards. You will also receive via email, a set of meditations on releasing, alignment, and manifestation.

There will be a weekly challenge and/or writing prompt as well as a live group reading and reiki clearing session
I will be giving intuitive guidance every step of the way via private messaging, group posts, and livestreams.

When there is peace within, you will find everything on the outside will fall into place. I want to help you remove the walls you’ve put up, clear away the junk that’s weighing you down, and bring you back to the truth, magic, and worthiness inside yourself, to your Goddess Realm.

Your Investment:

Bring your heart, and let it be open. Be willing to expand, participate and be vulnerable within the group. You will need to come out of your shell, and if it’s hard, speak up. That’s what this transformation is all about.

$248 Early Bird Pricing, if paid in full before March 15. $444 after that. 

If you are ready to make a change and take charge of your life, sign up here.

Payment plans optional. Just reach out. I’m so excited to help you conquer your struggles and find peace and balance.. Your true goddess roots have always been within you, and we are going to bring them back to life.


The first 4 people to sign up will also get 4 – 1 on 1 sessions reading/reiki with me, which I recommend using every 3 weeks during this workshop.

Because you matter, you are worthy, and your life is a blessing.

To stay up to date on the info leading up to this challenge and for possible chance to win 1 of 3 scholarships, join in my free support group.



Still have questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!